Retro Corner – T-shirt tributes and interview ordeals


One of the great side-effects of a former player returning to Glory is that it gives us an excuse to trawl through the archives looking for old pictures and if we’re especially fortunate, old videos.

And in the case of Tando Velaphi, we’ve hit that rare double jackpot.

Let’s start with the picture which, it has to be said, raises as many questions as it provides answers.

And this is where we need your help.

We’d love to put names to the faces of the guys involved, plus what exactly prompted them to pay such a tribute to the man between the sticks and whether the rather agitated wearer of the letter ‘T’  actually quit the group seconds after the shot was taken.

Then there’s  couple in the foreground.

Was it a first date (hopefully not…) and did the relationship last? (if it was a first date, we suspect not…).

Then there’s the video.

Being interviewed by the one and only Naum Sekulovski could be unnerving at the best of times, but there are clearly things happening off-camera in this 2009 footage that are putting Tando even more on edge.

Ante Kovacevic was definitely present and we suspect Victor Sikora was also in the vicinity and that he might not have been fully clothed, but that is pure speculation.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions and would love you to join the conversation via Twitter or on our Facebook page.