Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Our Academy is committed to developing excellence.

It goes further than just technical and tactical coaching on the training field.

We strive to form young people who are respectful, humble and have a relentless desire to succeed.

Our Elite Player Development model and age-specific curriculum ensures that our Academy players are educated to the highest possible standard, equipping them with the tools required to perform at professional level domestically and internationally.

The demands are high, but the opportunities are endless.

Our Goals

Our main objective as an Academy is to improve each and every player and coach, with the final focus being the preparation of high-quality players fully equipped to meet the high demands of professional football.

Winning and improvement are always our daily goals, but without the pressure of winning at all costs.

We believe that players play football to enjoy the game, spend time with their friends, participate in organized sport, improve their skills and to satisfy a competitive drive to win.

Thus, a key component for us is ensuring that enjoyment of the game, without which, player development will inevitably be restricted.

We believe that winning will evolve if the talent is developed and nurtured.

Our Pedigree

Perth Glory has a proven track record of enabling gifted local youngsters to turn their potential into excellence.

Over the last four years, our pathway has produced the likes of Shane Lowry, Chris Herd, Scott Neville, Mark Birighitti, Trent Sainsbury, Josh Rawlins, Trent Ostler and Josh Risdon to name but a few.

Our People

A Perth Glory youth coach is a co-operative team player who is intrinsically driven and inspired to improve our junior footballers’ ability on the field and their maturation off it.

We believe that football coaching is our medium to communicate with our talented young players to challenge themselves to be the best they can be in all areas of football, to be a well-rounded member of society and a role model to our fans, sponsors and junior players.

Our Academy Coaches are united in their passion for improving the standard of football players, sharing the love and enjoyment of football participation and striving to produce players for the first team at Perth Glory.

Our approach is based upon a shared ownership of responsibility between the player and the coach. Each is beholden to the other to ensure an honest and hard-working approach is undertaken to the learning and enjoyment of football.

Our Style of Play

Our teams’ playing style draws upon our rich heritage and traditions, while simultaneously embracing the very latest development and best practices in what is an ever-evolving and dynamic sport.

It is centred around a controlled, pro- active, possession-based structure, playing with flexibility and adapting to different football challenges in order to achieve success.

Attacking creativity, freedom and flair are combined with a structured, organised defence to create a team that embraces and rises to the ever-evolving challenges of the modern game and finds solutions without compromising its standards and principles.

Our vision and objectives are to be achieved through a collective team unit possessing proficient technical, tactical and physical attributes that facilitate both individual and collective play.