Retro Corner – A striking image


When we first stumbled across this photo after another long and thoroughly enjoyable rummage through the Glory archives, we thought it might just provide even our all-knowing members and fans with a little bit of a test.

But then we stopped kidding ourselves and accepted that someone out there (probably Paul Gallagher!) will let us know almost before this post has actually gone live who the player on the ball is and thus explain why this picture appeared in our 1997 club yearbook.

Just in case Paul doesn’t solve it in seconds, though, we can help out with a clue: the player in question is starring for Adelaide City and in case the haircuts and the fact that the ‘keeper doesn’t appear to be wearing gloves haven’t already given it away, the game took place in the late 1970s.

So, if you fancy brightening up your Friday by trying to solve our history mystery, join the debate via our social media channels.