Glory proudly supporting Australian business through membership packs


Perth Glory is proud to announce that all 2019/20 Membership Packs will be packed and delivered from a data-secure provider in Australia.

With many clubs moving to offshore providers in Asia, Perth Glory continues to lead the way in data privacy standards by using its Australian-based supplier for the packing and delivery of packs.

Recent data breaches occurring to multinationals such as Yahoo, Marriott and Zynga are a stark reminder to businesses to step up security on their data management systems.

The club has thus decided against delivery from China, opting to go Australian  instead as the most data secure solution.

The choice of supplier has already earned a tick of approval from of a number of Glory members, including Aaron Mansey who recently renewed for a seventh year.

“I think it’s fantastic Perth Glory is still using their supplier located in South Australia and not using organisations which are offshore,” said Mansey.

“It’s really great to know my club is looking out not just for the players and members, but helping out Australians.”

All Perth Glory memberships continue to be packed and delivered from a base in Adelaide.

The use of the South Australian-based contractor means the club can provide a high-quality membership service, including highly responsive turn-around time on delivery due to Adelaide’s proximity to Perth.

The club is proud to choose Australian business first, supporting local jobs within the country.