“We’ll meet the challenge and make sure we come out stronger for it” vows bullish Burns


Jacob Burns is adamant that Glory has what it takes to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis ready to build upon the club’s recent success.

Speaking to Nick Taylor in “The West Australian”, Glory’s Football Director was quick to point out that plenty of work is going on behind the scenes to ensure that the club is well-placed to hit the ground running as soon as football resumes.

“I’m optimistic,” he said, “you have to be at this time. A lot of good things come out of challenges and we’ve never shied away from that.​

“We’ll meet the challenge and make sure we come out stronger for it. There will always be football and Perth Glory will always have a club.​

“I’m confident we will come through this and I’m confident the league will come through this.​

“The reality is we will be looking towards the 22nd April, (when Football Federation Australia (FFA) will announce their re-assessment of the situation) but a lot of it is out of our control, broadcasting, sponsorship, whether we finish off this season, if there are finals to be played, if we have an Asian Champions League and what next season looks like.​

“But one thing is for sure we will be ready.

“We’re doing so much work, we haven’t downed tools.

“We’re using the time wisely to come out the other side whenever that maybe with an advantage and well prepared.​

“We’ve been working behind the scenes to be as strong as ever.​

“Becoming reigning premiers doesn’t just happen overnight. We’ve worked incredibly hard over a number of years to become a big club and a big team​

“We’re not about to let that disappear. We have the personnel, coaching staff and players on our books to cut through this better than most.”​

“We’ve got the core group [of players] for next season and we’ve already been involved in extra planning because of the ACL fixtures.​

“We are making sure we are well prepared.” ​