Retro Corner – In the navy


In addition to a couple of pretty handy new signings in the form of Damian Mori and Brad Maloney, Glory also launched two new kits ahead of the 2000-2001 NSL season.

There wasn’t quite the fanfare that such launches tend to attract these days; no sneak peeks, concept videos, or big reveals.

In fact it wasn’t even allocated a full page in the club yearbook.

And yet there was still plenty of excitement about the new home shirt which would eventually go on to assume iconic status, as did the away kit which was retained from the previous season.

But it’s the third kit that has us intrigued.

Because although navy blue, white and orange is a pretty rare colourway in kit-design circles, there’s no denying that it works rather nicely.

There’s something a little moody and mysterious about the shade of navy, which is entirely appropriate given that there is a distinct air of mystery surrounding this kit in general.

Despite some intensive archival research (basically checking the Getty Images back catalogue and having an enjoyable rummage through our own stock of old club publications here at Glory HQ), we are struggling to find any evidence of the lads actually wearing the navy ensemble in a competitive fixture.

But we know, of course, that when it comes to historical club questions, our members and fans should always be the first port of call.

So we’re throwing it out there – did anyone witness this kit in action and does anyone still have a replica version of it in their possession?

Is there a prize, we hear you say.

Well, last week’s offer of a retro picture featuring Basil Zempilas and Adrian ‘Barra’ Barich for the best answer produced such a frenzied response on social media that our server nearly buckled under the strain.

And we have a feeling there could be more tech trouble in store when we tell you what’s up for grabs this time around.

How does a picture of a muddied Jamie Harnwell reclining in the bath sound?

Jamie’s dignity is well and truly preserved, you’ll be pleased to know and there’s so much to like about this shot, it’s hard to know where to start.

So it’s over to you… join the conversation via Twitter or Facebook.