Retro Corner – Ljubo and the Airboards


We’ve gone back 17 years almost to the day in Retro Corner this week having had our curiosity piqued by an advert that we stumbled across in a back issue of Glory Days.

As you can see, there was a very futuristic look to the cover of the magazine, with all manner of tech-inspired graphics providing a lively, pseudo-industrial backdrop for Ljubo Milicevic, Damian Mori and co.

Glory Days Cover


Ljubo, as ever, retains an enigmatic and distinguished air despite the apparent prospect of being struck in a very vulnerable area by a Mitre Ultimax, not a ball renowned for making a gentle impact with any surface.

But it was Western QBE’s promotional piece on Page 9 that really caught our eye.

Sadly, as they seem like a whole heap of fun, airboards never quite took off, if you’ll pardon the pun.

But what we want to know is does anyone have any idea what happened to these Glory airboards?

Was anyone out there fortunate enough to ride on one?

Is there one sharing a cobwebbed corner of a garden shed in Kelmscott with a Sinclair C-5 and a pair of Kanga Boots?

And if we did manage to locate one, would you like to see Hyundai A-League referees using it with a mini screen attached to the handlebars so that they could liaise more closely with the VAR?*

[*FFA please note, this is not a serious suggestion…]

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