A message from Glory CEO, Anthony Radich

To the Perth Glory Family,

I wanted to write to you directly in order to add further detail to today’s announcement regarding the successful sale of the club to the Primeland Group-led Consortium.

Primeland Group is a Melbourne-based development company specialising in asset management which emerged as the successful bidder (in amongst numerous interested parties) in the sales process that was managed by KordaMentha.

The company has a presence in Australia, Singapore, UK, India, UAE, and Europe and their diverse portfolio of work includes real estate, hotels, business parks, luxury residential developments, private equity, movies and media production.

The Primeland Group-led consortium is headed by Robert Brij and John Nekic.

Robert is Chairman of Primeland, a developer specialising in building and investing in sustainable and visionary projects.

John has been appointed as Executive Chairman-elect of Perth Glory Football Club.

He is an entrepreneur who has been involved at various levels of Australian football for over four decades, holding a range of roles as Chair, CEO, Committee Member and Adviser.

This news is of great relief to us all, removing the veil of uncertainty that Members, fans, players, sponsors, corporates and football and administration staff have had to operate under for some time.

We can now move forward positively with renewed hope, energy, and optimism, building our club into the powerhouse we know it can be and deserves to be!

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process and this period of uncertainty.

Your dedication and loyalty to the club has been amazing and greatly appreciated.

The strength of our people will hold us in very good stead for this next chapter and I look forward to us all sharing in a more glorious future together!

Kind regards,

Anthony Radich