15 #ThingsLiamReddyCouldSave


Glory goalkeeper Liam Reddy saved 2 penalties and 7 additional shots on goal against Melbourne City on Tuesday night, including a 95th minute spot kick from Bruno Fornaroli.

It was a superb showing from our number one, securing a valuable 3-3 draw away from home for Perth Glory and rightful man-of-the-match honours.

In appreciation of our ‘keeper’s wonderful form, we’ve put together a list of things we believe Liam could save. Enjoy!


1. Mufasa in The Lion King
The worst part of everyones childhood! If only our big #33 could’ve been there for Mufasa.
Reddy mufasa

2. Lizard in the valley of snakes
In one of the viral videos of the year, this scaley little fella makes an epic dash out of trouble in a valley of venomous snakes. Maybe Liam could’ve plucked him out of there earlier!
Reddy lizard

3. The world famous Kangaroo punch
A safe hand could’ve saved our national animal from a little knock on the face!
Reddy roo

4. Jack & Rose on the Titanic
There was definitely room on that door Rose!
Reddy Titanic

5. Ned Stark in Game of Thrones
Everyone’s favourite king, Reddy could’ve come to the rescue in Season 1 of Game of Thrones!
Reddy stark

6. Kevin Muscat from John Kosmina
One of the iconic images of the Hyundai A-League.
Reddy kosmina

7. Hand of God in the 1986 FIFA World Cup
Would the ref work it out this time though?
Reddy maradona

8. Steph Curry from downtown
Could Reddy do it from defence against Golden State?
Reddy curry

9. That Leo Barry mark
A moment to forget for many West Coast Eagles fans, just needed one palm up there to save the day!
Reddy barry

10. Shannon Noll on Australian Idol in 2003
The infamous Australian Idol series that launched enough memes to revive Shannon Noll’s career! Would have Nollsy won if Reddy came to the rescue?
Reddy noll

11. Michael Turnbull on the Bachelorette
He came third in the hunt for Sam Frost’s heart, could have Liam got Micky T over the line? #GoalkeepersUnion
Reddy turnbull

12. Usain Bolt on the home stretch
The safest hand to pass the baton on the home stretch.
Usain Reddy

13. House of Cards’ Frank Underwood as Secretary of State
Cheated from a big position in the White House, we think Reddy could’ve swayed President Walker’s mind!
Reddy frank

14. Nachos at Mad Mex
Extra guacamole, sour cream and you’re Reddy to go!
Reddy madmex

15. Neil Kilkenny
He looked to be in some pain against the Reds!
Reddy kilkenny