W-LEAGUE: “We need redemption” – Romero


We caught up with star centre-back Arianna Romoero to discuss the season and her recent Mexico call-up.

Perth Glory: Firstly, what lessons can the team take away from lat week’s loss to Canberra?

Arianna Romero: First half was just against us, but once the second half came around we made some adjustments to our formation we figured out what needed to be done and second half was much better for us. We learned from it and we’ll make sure it never happens again.

PG: Does this add some more determination for the team in the lead-up to finals?

AR: Within the team, we have our standards and we definitely don’t want to deviate from that at all, but a little kick in the butt like that will certainly make us focus more and if anything, we all realise how important each game is because the season’s so short. So in the lead up to finals we certainly need to re-evaluate a couple of things, but we still have our same goals.

Nobody likes to lose, so every time we do lose we take it more personal, we review our mistakes as hard as it is, but we’re professional athletes and that’s our job. We’ve got to keep moving forward and win every point we can.

PG: With a finals spot already booked, how have you enjoyed your time at Glory so far?

AR: It’s been a great experience, I’ve got to meet some people that I know will help me in the long run, so soccer-wise I’ve learned a lot especially under our coaching staff, it’s definitely a different style of play, but if anything that just adds to my perspective, you’ve got to keep learning and feed off of that. I could see myself coming back for sure, it’s very competitive, it’ a fun place, so I’ve enjoyed it.

Arianna Romero

PG: What’s the number one lesson you’ll take from your time in the W-League?

AR: Taking the time and really getting to know people, how they play, and this is a different position for me, I usually play full-back, so being a centre-back definitely made me read the game more, learn from other people’s experiences and just doing the extra bit for my teammates, my biggest responsibility is making sure the team’s organised and feels comfortable with and without the ball.

PG: So we believe congratulations are in order on being selected in a friendly for Mexico against Canada, but you’re a bit torn over it?

AR: It’s always an honour to be called up to represent my country. This came at a very crucial time in our season as we are competing for the championship. After discussing it with both Mexico and Glory, it was decided for me to remain here and help my teammates fight for a spot in the final. This was a decision made with both Mexico and Glory. I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity and look forward to representing Mexico in the future.

PG: You’ve been fantastic at centre-back this year, so did you expect the national call up?

AR: It’s certainly in the back of my mind, that’s kind of why we play all over the world, to ultimately get that call-up, so it’s always going to be in the back of my mind and quite frankly I play game-to-game.


PG: Looking forward to the Adelaide clash this weekend?

AR: Yeah definitely, especially after the Canberra result we need redemption, so we have to learn from our mistakes and move forward.

PG: Dorrien Gardens has been a fortress for the team, how have you found it?

AR: I don’t know what it is about this place, but I admire the team’s efforts to the last minute, I can always count on my teammates to give everything until the final whistle.

PG: How have you found the support from the Glory fans?

AR: It’s great, coming from international games there’s a lot more fans, but here it’s more local, you get to know the people it’s very authentic.

Glory take on Adelaide United at Dorrien Gardens on Sunday the 22nd from 6:00PM (AWST).