Stats king Kreider set for figures finale


You might not know his face, but if you’ve followed Glory at any stage since the club’s formation, you will inevitably have read or viewed some of Richard Kreider’s handiwork.

He’s done everything from writing for the matchday programme and yearbooks to taking action photos at pitchside, while also finding the time to produce the meticulously-researched, groundbreaking book on WA’s football history, ‘Paddocks to Pitches’.

On top of all that, for the past ten years he has worked as Fox Sports’ official Glory statistician, helping compile the vital facts and figures so keenly devoured each and every week by supporters, the media and coaches alike.

But with Fox Sports now set to centralise stats production within their Sydney office, tonight will mark Kreider’s final facts and figures hurrah.

The man who has missed only two Glory home games since 1996, however, has no intention of turning his back upon nib Stadium as we found out when we caught up with him for a chat.

Perth Glory Online: Thanks for your time, Richard.

How has your role as a Fox Sports’ statistician changed over the past ten years and how did you come to land the role in the first place?

Richard Kreider: In terms of getting the job, it was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people. I had been a long-term associate of Andrew Howe from South Australia who had been doing the on-air stats in Adelaide. He recommended the position to me and me for the position to Fox Sports. Fortunately, both myself and Fox agreed that it was a good idea.

The role has hardly changed over the years other than the operational IT hardware which has had tweaks applied over time.

PGO: You’ve been a part of Glory right since day one, so what have been your highlights and lowlights during that time?

RK: Highlights-wise, you just can’t go past the 2000 NSL Grand Final at Subiaco Oval, even though Glory did everything in their power to lose the game after holding a 3-0 lead at half time.

The lowlight has to be the loss to Brisbane Roar in the 2012 Grand Final. Many in Perth felt and still feel that Glory were robbed of the title.

PGO: Who have been some of the livelier characters that you’ve worked with?

RK: The late Mike Cockerill [pictured above with Kreider] was a fantastic colleague; a true and knowledgeable professional with a dry sense of humour who also showed a considerable interest in the history of the game, including Perth.

In fact, all the commentators, producers and other Outside Broadcast staff, like Brett Carey, have been a delight to work with.

Even my brother, Gary, has worked in the OB unit over the years.

PGO: Do you have an all-time favourite Glory player and manager?

RK: I firmly believe Bobby Despotovski could have made it big in Europe, but for whatever reason did not choose that route. This was obviously to the great benefit of Glory.

I was also a massive fan of manager Mich d’Avray who achieved great success at the club.

PGO: Of all the things that you’ve done involving the club, what has given you the most pleasure?

RK: Strange as it may seem, although I have greatly enjoyed being the Fox Sports statistician in Perth, taking pitchside photos and writing match reports for various publications, it was the hands-on involvement with the production of the first Glory yearbooks and matchday programmes which gave me the most satisfaction.

It was a massive buzz to be around the club at a time when it finding its feet.

PGO: Any disasters you can tell us about?

RK: Funnily enough, the only glitch I can recall was a potential disaster just a few weeks ago when the tablet used for producing the stats crashed a millisecond after the final whistle.

PGO: Will you continue to attend Glory games in a non-professional capacity?

RK: Absolutely, although I would really like to be given an opportunity to resume taking photos pitchside in the not too distant future.

PGO: And finally, how would you characterise your relationship with Glory?

RK: I have followed the club since Nick Tana revealed the Glory name at the Burswood Dome in 1995 and still feel the same loyalty to them now. In fact, I still run a Past Perth Glory Facebook page [http://bit.ly/2ESe4IA].

The club is long overdue some silverware, so here’s hoping some football glory is just around the corner.

The fans especially deserve it.