Sam’s Rio Olympics dream


The Australian Women’s Football team may have lost their opening encounter on Thursday morning against Candada but our very own Glory Women’s captain is confident the girls are still a medal chance.

It’s been a roller coaster eight months for Kerr after injuring her leg late last year in Brisbane during a W-League clash.

She’s had to claw and fight her way back into contention to wear the green and gold.

We caught up with her on the eve of the opening match in Brazil.

PG News: How are you feeling right now to have made the squad and be in Brazil given your injury in Brisbane last year looked like a major setback?
: I am feeling good, obviously it’s an amazing opportunity to be selected in this Olympic squad and something I have always dreamed of. It’s been a long and tough journey since Brisbane but all worth it now, I’m here in Brazil!

PG News: It must be a huge relief? 
SK: It’s a massive relief. Especially coming off a major injury with my foot. As a team it’s a representation of the hard work and commitment we have all put in over the past few years to get us here today. 

PG News: What are your goals for this Olympics on a personal level?
: Personal goals are just to be the best I can be. Being a forward I would obviously like to score some goals but if it’s not the case I just want to perform at my highest level and help the team however possible.

PG News: What do you think the team’s chances are?
Very high. We are a strong and confident team. 

PG News: Who is in your group and do you think you are a medal chance?
: Germany, Canada, Zimbabwe. We for sure think we are a medal chance and would be disappointed if we didn’t medal. 

PG News: Who has been your biggest mentor and advocate during the road to Rio?
: It’s obviously been a tough road for me so I’ve had many people that I’ve looked to. My mum firstly has been there any time for me. I speak to her 2/3 times a day from across the world. My family has all been there for me which has been amazing and really helped me. Everyone at Sky Blue FC (US National Women’s Soccer League club) has also been so understanding and supportive, especially my coach and team Doctor. 

PG News: You’ were doing some community work with brother Daniel in the off-season. Tell us more
SK: Yeah so my brother is running community activities in the desert areas of Western Australia. It’s called Together We Can and the aim is to show kids in communities that together we can make a difference. We go down there and teach the kids sport, art and general lessons about life. It’s a really awesome experience and helped me become a better person and be more grateful for things I have. The kids are awesome down there and I love being involved. Hopefully there’s many more trips to come. 

PG News: Has that experience shaped your outlook as you were preparing for Rio?
SK: For sure! Sometimes you don’t really understand how lucky you are how selfish sometimes you can be when you see kids in their lifestyles still smiling and having fun. I generally get excited to go see those kids because they have a massive effect on me and I know they enjoy us coming down. 

PG News: Can Glory fans expect to see you in a PGW shirt this coming season?
If I am fit and healthy I will be at Perth Glory! 🙂

*Samantha Kerr, WA’s Lisa De Vanna and the rest of the Women’s National Football team will play its second match against Germany on Sunday morning.

Match Details: 

Australia vs Germany (Sao Paolo)
Local time: 6:00pm, August 6
AEST: 7:00am, August 7

Australia vs Zimbabwe (Salvador)
Local time: 4:00pm, August 9
AEST: 5:00am, August 4