Retro Corner: Team Shot Teaser


Can it really be a full decade since this squad was assembled here in the West?

Indeed it can.

Katy Perry was busy going global with “I Kissed A Girl”, “Kung Fu Panda” and “The Dark Knight” were packing out cinemas across the country and Eugene Dadi was seemingly wondering how much time he had left on the parking meter outside nib Stadium.

There are plenty of familiar faces on show, of course, including Dino Djulbic, Kenny Lowe, Jamie Harnwell, Jason Petkovic and Naum Sekulovski, as well as Hayden Foxe who has now made a welcome return to the club in a coaching capacity.

But if your Monday afternoon is dragging a bit and you reckon your memory is up to it, can you name the whole squad?

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(*Disclaimer: the word prize is used here in the loosest possible sense…)