Retro Corner – Anger management


Seeing Ange Postecoglou getting decidedly prickly with the media following the Socceroos’ recent travails got us to thinking about cranky coaches in general and how Glory’s former bosses have stacked up in that regard.

Each of them have had their moments, of course, with the possible exception of Ron Smith who seemingly managed to retain an almost Zen-like state of inner calm at all times.

And that was no mean feat given what was happening in and around the club during his brief time at the helm.

So have we ever had our own version of Frank Farina or Graham Arnold, who, rightly or wrongly, have become renowned for regularly blowing their tops?

Well, we’ll leave it up to you to answer that one, but just to get the ball rolling, we’re predicting that Steve McMahon might just feature in the discussion.

Hence the fact that we’ve opted to run this picture of our first Hyundai A-League manager taken from the 2005-06 season club yearbook.

He doesn’t look especially happy, but was McMahon our crankiest ever boss?

Or did you ever see a Mich (D’Avray)/Mitch (Dave Mitchell) meltdown, a Fergie flare-up or an Edwards ear-bashing?

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