No rest for Rostyn


Any Glory members or fans seeking a refreshing respite from today’s blustery conditions in Fremantle may well have done a double-take had they wandered into Acai Brothers SuperFood Bar.

For there, serving behind the counter of the busy High Street eatery, they would have found none other than club skipper Rostyn Griffiths.

A part-owner of the establishment which is run by a school friend, Gareth and his wife, Renee, the midfielder likes to get involved as much as his busy football schedule allows.

“It fits in well with the idea of a healthy lifestyle,” he said, “and gives me another focus outside football.

“I’m going to try and start my MBA next month as I have an interest in business and this was a good little in for me in that sense.

“I don’t often get behind the counter. The main thing is media stuff, promoting it as much as I can and we got quite a lot of attention early doors.

“I can’t be in day to day, but I usually pop in at least one or twice a week, even if I just have a coffee and a bowl.”

So for the uninitiated, what exactly is acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”)?

It’s a small, purple fruit indigenous to South America which is extremely high in antioxidants and fibre and is generally used in either frozen or powdered form.

And at Acai Brothers, it’s available in a host of creative combinations which are served up in bowls or smoothies.

“Acai is often perceived as being a summery product,” said Griffiths, “and this is our first winter, so we’re trying to get to grips with what people want and that’s why we’ve got the winter menu now. It gives people some warm options to choose from.

“It’s also something that appeals to vegetarians and vegans because there’s almost nothing on the menu here that’s not suitable for them.

“Acai has a big following among those interested in fitness and health and well-being and I try to come in on game days when I really like to have it for breakfast because it fills me up without leaving me bloated.

“I was really new to the product, having first tried it on the east coast, but it’s slowly spreading here on the west coast now.”

So has Griffiths managed to persuade any of his Glory team-mates to sample the increasingly-popular super food?

“A few of the lads have been down,” he said. “They usually text me beforehand requesting big discounts or free stuff!”

And, meanwhile, what do the 29-year-old’s Acai Brothers brethren make of his catering skills?

“Let’s just he’s a very good coffee taster, but we don’t let him near the machine,” said co-owner Gareth.