London update from Chairman Tony Sage


Perth Glory Football Club Chairman Tony Sage has an update for members and fans of London.

Dear Perth Glory Family,

I promised a update and after almost 2 days in London and a crash course on all things crypto, one thing I have found out is that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. 

I have also learnt the sports industry and the cryptocurrency industry have more in common than what I realised, especially in football.

Some of the largest clubs in the world have embraced the crypto industry and have successfully explored this new form of fan engagement.

Understandably there has been a bit of commentary, opinion and scepticism about this new prospective venture so I do understand why there are doubters out there.

However it’s all about education. Many of us do not use or understand how cryptocurrencies work but in the fullness of time more and more people will be educated and understand the synergies that can exist between the crypto and the football worlds. 

Right now some of the biggest clubs in the world like Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich have already adopted crypto in some capacity. These clubs and their fans are going through that learning curve right now. 

As we have seen in the media over the past few days, a lack of knowledge drives speculation, questions and scepticism. And fair enough… it’s only the normal course of action when people come across something new.

As more and more clubs adopt tokenisation, the more knowledgeable we will all become. 

I would suggest before passing any judgement on LFE or the crypto industry as a whole please check for yourself the connections between the the clubs that have already adopted crypto.

Without going into too much detail, the football part of this venture will be separate from the crypto side of business. As I said, as Chairman of the LFE Football Group I will head the football side and nothing will change at PGFC as I also will retain the Chairman’s role.

The business fundamentals of LFE are based on an existing crypto model already used in business including football clubs. When LFE came to me for assistance we discussed how a global football group should look and we agreed on a way forward. 

While here I am meeting with the LFE staff as well as my own legal, crypto and accounting team to assist me. 

I am certainly not a crypto expert nor will I intervene with the LFE cash tokenisation strategy as that is clearly separate from the LFE football group. 

My sole role will be to develop the football group and it’s starts with PGFC and then other clubs in the future.

You must remember the LFE Crypto business is one small part of the overall strategy in creating a truly global football group.

With regards to the FFA, l can confirm the FFA is aware of the sale process and LFE. PGFC will adhere to all the questions they have already provided and give transparent responses.

To suggest that I did not communicate with the FFA about a  transaction is simply not true. 

As you all know Perth Glory has been part of my life for 13 years.
In that time we have shared many ups and downs together (God knows more downs than ups, but hey look at us right now current premiers and playing our first ACL game on Tuesday.

I have not made it a secret during the past 18 months that I now seek a partner/investor to keep our dreams of being successful into the future as football will change under the new independent league.

As I have said many times before, the club is like my 4th child. I would NEVER do anything to harm its future or its growth; if anything I want to keep growing the Glory family.

In my 13 years we  have played in 3 women’s grand finals, 2 men’s grandfinals and 2 FFA Cup finals; we won the 2018/19 Premiership and are now in the ACL.

Perth Glory Football Club has and will continue to be part of my family so I would never enter a deal where I think any of that would be jeopardised.

Thank you for your overwhelming  ongoing support as I look to securing a better future for all at PGFC.

I will keep you posted.

Regards Tony.