Lockdown Special Glory Quiz!

The Shed gates at night

Lockdowns and quizzes go hand in hand, don’t they?

Like Depotovski and Mori, or England losing on penalties in a major tournament…

So while you’re waiting for the Premier’s next presser, here are 15 posers to ponder.

(once you’re done, scroll down below Q15 for your answers and ratings…)

1) Glory first reached the A-League Finals under which Head Coach?

2010 Wellington v Glory - Daniel McBreen heading

a) Ian Ferguson b) Dave Mitchell c) Kenny Lowe

2) Which former Glory player is now in charge of the New Zealand national team?

a) Danny Hay b) Gavin Wilkinson c) Jeremy Christie

3) Current Glory Head Coach Richard Garcia played for the Socceroos at which World Cup?

Richard Garcia in t-shirt

a) 2006 b) 2010 c) 2014

4) Glory’s Westfield W-League team have reached how many Grand Finals?

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3

5) Who is Glory’s record W-League appearances holder?

a) Shannon May b) Sam Kerr c) Marianna Tabain

6) Against which A-League club has Diego Castro scored the most goals (8)?

Glory v Macarthur May 23 - Diego Castro celebrates

a) Central Coast Mariners b) Newcastle Jets c) Melbourne City

7) Who was named Glory skipper for the 2007-08 season?

a) Jamie Harnwell b) Jason Petkovic c) Simon Colosimo

8) Who was named Glory’s A-League MGP for the 2017-18 season?

a) Shane Lowry b) Diego Castro c) Andy Keogh

9) Golden goal scorer Nik Mrdja came off the bench to replace who in the 2004 NSL Grand Final?

Nik Mrdja celebrates in 2004 NSL Grand Final

a) Adrian Caceres b) Bobby Despotovski c) Damian Mori

10) Who was Glory’s next-highest goalscorer after Bruno Fornaroli last season?

a) Nick D’Agostino b) Diego Castro c) Andy Keogh

11) Defender Kim Carroll has this year returned to Glory following a season with which other W-League club?

Kim Carroll v Canberra United 2019-20

a) Brisbane Roar b) Newcastle Jets c) Melbourne City

12) Who is the only player to have been sent off more than twice for Glory in the A-League?

a) Dino Djulbic b) Alex Grant c) Jamie Harnwell

13) In which year did Glory first reach the FFA Cup Final?

a) 2016 b) 2015 c) 2014

14) Ex-Glory defender Gregory Wuthrich is now plying his trade in which country?

Glory v WSW - Greg Wuthrich celebrates

a) Switzerland b) Austria c) Germany

15) Who scored Glory’s first ever FFA Cup goal?

a) Nebojsa Marinkovic b) Sidnei Sciola c) Andy Keogh 




Answers: 1) b, 2) a, 3) b, 4) c, 5) a, 6) b, 7) c, 8) a, 9) b, 10) a, 11) a, 12) a, 13) c, 14) b, 15) c


0-5 – Back to the drawing board for you! If there was A-League relegation, you’d be going down…

6-11 – Solid stuff! A performance to build upon, for sure…

12-15 – Solid gold! Break out the champagne and try not to drop the silverware during your open-top bus parade through the city. Magnifico!