Glory on board with WA’s Safe Transition Plan

Last week’s announcement from WA Premier Mark McGowan set out the vaccination milestones required for Glory’s A-League Men’s and A-League Women’s 2021/22 season to proceed in full.

We are therefore urging all our Members and fans and the wider WA community to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Whatever sporting code you follow or WA team you support, we need everyone to roll up and get vaccinated, to roll up to a game!

A huge thank you to all our Members and fans and other West Australians who are already fully vaccinated – now let’s make sure we hit that 90% milestone as soon as possible so we can all enjoy 100% of our season!

Nothing beats a Glory home game and we can’t wait to have everyone on board in full voice roaring our teams to victory!

Click HERE for more details and to book your vaccination.