E-League: Saisanas has eWorld Cup spot on his mind


Having reached 138,000 viewers around the globe and made 1.6 million social media impressions, it’s fair to say that the inaugural round of the E-League grabbed some attention.

Our very own Peter Saisanas enjoyed a flying start to the competition, producing a highly-entertaining, come-from-behind, 5-2 win to complete a 7-4 aggregate victory for Glory over Wellington.

And the Melbourne-based gamer was full of praise for the new tournament.

“It’s one of a kind, it’s never been done before in Australia, so it’s massive for gaming here in this country,” he said.

“The numbers the first round produced in terms of viewers were crazy. I don’t think anyone expected them to be that high and I think it’s only going to get bigger and bigger. I read that the A-League website got 25,000 unique views following the first round which just goes to show the impact it can have in terms of bringing attention to the game.”

Saisanas went to explain that there is more than club pride at stake in the E-League competition.

“The winner of the E-League wins a place in the top 64 players in the world, which grants you a spot in the eWorld Cup,” he said.


“The eWorld Cup involves the best 64 players out of six million competitors and the prize money is in excess of $50 000 USD, so it’s a massive deal.”

The Glory eSports player will be looking to take his momentum into the Round 2 clash with Melbourne City’s Josh Wood, whom he met last year.

“I competed against Josh in Doha in the World Cup,” he said. “He didn’t make it out of the group, but I managed to progress, so I’ve got a bit of an advantage over him in that sense.

“Josh is really, really attacking, so I’ve been analysing his game over the past few days and seeing where I can take advantage. He’s a great player, so it’s going to be a really close match.”

Saisanas described last week’s opening round as a “surreal experience” and insisted that he couldn’t have been happier with the performances from Diego Castro, Scott Neville and Joseph Mills.

“Castro fit in perfectly into my team,” he said. “He got two assists with the like of Ronaldo and Messi alongside him, which was great.

“Neville and Mills were great as well, but I wasn’t too happy with Messi, so I might be bringing in Chris Harold on the right wing for this week’s game.”

Tune in Thursday night at 6:00 PM on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eleagueaustralia or Fox: https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/e-league to catch Peter and David Cook work their magic for Glory.