Best Is Yet To Come:Jamieson


Perth Glory FC has launched into season 10 of the 2014/15 Hyundai A-League season, with a stellar performance, winning five of its first six matches, sits at the top of the table and at the same time, has qualified for the inaugural Westfield FFA Cup final next month.

But according to Glory defender Scott Jamieson, the best is yet to come. 

“We demand a lot from each other….and the inner belief is there, but we’re not getting carried away we’re enjoying it, we like the weather at the top of the table, it’s  very nice we don’t want to go down where it’s a bit doomy and gloomy” he said.

Jamieson helped his team to a 2-1 win over Asian Champions Western Sydney Wanderers last week, with a spectacular 30 metre free kick. After that amazing feat, he’s slowly gaining the reputaion as a dead ball specialist, joining the ranks of team-mate Nebo Marinkovic. 

“Nebo is very good, I’ve probably had about a hundred shots in my career so to score one is great and at the same time I’d like to refute Kenny’s statement about a few balls being stuck in the trees” he joked. 

Perth Glory will face Wellington Phoenix this Friday night at nib Stadium and Jamieson feels the team is yet to hit its peak.

“Without a doubt, the first 45 minutes (against the Wanderers) was probably the best we’ve played all year, but we’ve still got a long way to go. I know it’s been said that a lot of other teams have a long way to go but so do we” he said.

“As far as Wellington’s concerned you have too look at their team they’ve been here a few days now so they’ll settle in well but knowing that we beat them away (in the first round) gives us belief we can beat them at home”.

The 26-year old, who’s now in his third season at Perth, says he hopes the fans get to enjoy the on-field success sweeping across the club.    

“We’re still slowly re-paying the fans and while we’re doing so well they get to enjoy it because they’re just as part of this club as much as anyone else” he said.

Kick-off to this Friday night’s game is at 6.45 p.m.

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