All Peter’s answers from #CEOTalksGlory


This week Perth Glory released the #CEOTalksGlory campaign to start a valuable conversation between club and fans through our social media channels.

We bundled your questions and Peter Filopoulos’ answers in one place so you can hear what’s happening behind the scenes at the club.

From Twitter

@pao2gre – What is preventing clubs from building hard assets (social clubs, futsal courts etc)?

Justin Abbott @abbottpw – Peter, How many times do you think PG can renovate, before a compete rebuild is required? Mixed msgs with each campaign.

Joey Lynch @joeylynchy – Which non A-League side do you reckon the best chance of winning the FFA Cup this year?

Davis Nilsen @davis_nilsen – Given the time you’ve spent in Perth, what area do you think would be best for a second A-League team?

Mark mufc @buzleigh – Peter I think you should get a purple jacket c’mon glory

Doug Black @dougblack7 – Would you play against 10 duck sized @Cristiano or 1 Diego Castro?

Dean Rosario @deanrosario – Would PER consider allowing fans to buy equity in the Club? MV offered 35% shares & fans were given opportunity to bid.

Matt Rabey @verycommonpepe – Do you feel as though the FFA Cup loss created a distraction, or a wake up call to pre-season progress?

Musie Elongo @_musie10 – Anymore signings before the start of the season ?

Joshua Mayne @joshuammayne – What unique feature positively sets the A-League apart from other international leagues?

Andre Georges @onndray – Do you think Glory have achieved their potential in the HAL era?

Andre Georges @onndray – And do you honestly think we have a squad good enough to win compared to teams like Victory?

The Far Post Perth @farpostperth – When do we get to sign an e-sports player? ?

Chris Edwards @chrisedwardsau – If you were to get a player from an Asian country, what country would you want that player to be from?

Ellen Roe @PGFCfan1Darwin – Hi Peter. Is there likely to be a preseason breakfast this year?

Adam Howard @adamosaussies – Where did you get your glasses from? I like the frames

Cobber Bracher @truebluecobber – Any hint for the glory fans of formation change and tactic changes for the up coming season?

Simon Mattachio @smatt1616 – Did the club get a transfer fee for Griffiths? Has Mills Picked up a long term injury? Any more signings?

Mark @boone_bogan – Prediction time, how far do u think the glory will go this year?

Fuzz @FN253 – 1: Where will ange be after current Socceroo World Cup campaign? 2: will governance issues sort themselves out prior to FIFA?

From Facebook

Reynold Bauer – What is the impact of the likely demise of the Force on Glory, given shared HQ etc? 
This has been devastating news for the Western Force and Western Australian community.  We share the headquarters with Force and are co-tenants at nib stadium.  We share their pain at the moment, however, we wish them all the best.  There would be repercussions on Perth Glory if they were to disappear.

Michael Kazich – What’re your thoughts on a second-tier A-League division?
I think it’s something we should aspire to within sustainability, however, I also believe we need to stabilise the sustainability of the current A-League as a priority and look at expansion after that as a ten-team competition is not big enough in my opinion