Retro Corner – Taking one for the team


With the 2018/19 Glory team photo shoot just around the corner, we thought we’d turn the clock back and see how the playing group looked exactly 20 years ago.

The first home game of the 1998-99 NSL [Ericsson Cup] season saw Bernd Stange’s men taking on Northern Spirit and this cracking team poster adorning the centre pages of the match day programme.

There’s a lot to like about it, from Scott Miller getting in touch with his bohemian side by sporting a bootstrap necklace, to Jamie Harnwell rocking what looks suspiciously like a flat-top and Gavin Wilkinson opting for, well, let’s be kind and call it an indie mop-top!

Just to add a little more historical and cultural context, the jam-packed programme also contains a Hyde Park Hotel promo offering two pints of Swan or Emu beer for the price of one [matchdays only], plus news of Michael Ferrante joining Richard Garcia at West Ham and Troy Halpin scoring for the Socceroos in a 16-0 rout of the Cook Islands.

In terms of musical reference points, Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’ was in the midst of a nine-week stint at the top of the singles chart, while at the movies, Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow were about to see their ‘Perfect Murder’ thriller replaced as the box office number one by ‘Antz’.

But as always, it’s your memories and stories that we’re really interested in and this week we’re adding a little competitive element.

If you’re the first person to correctly list all the players in the shot [and we’ve given you a few to start with!], we’ll rustle up one of our typical Retro Corner prizes.

And yes, that will probably be something along the lines of Jimmy Downey wearing a sombrero, Jason Petkovic holding some kittens or Marc Warren roller-blading.

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