Retro Corner – The Mane Man


There was a lot to like about the mid-1990s.

The newly-launched Perth Glory had taken the WA sporting landscape by storm, X-Files was keeping us all intrigued, Oasis were at their peak, still angry with the world, the music industry and especially one another and the Wiggles had buried their own creative differences in time to release their seminal sixth album, ‘Wake Up Jeff’.

And then there was the hair.

From indie mop-tops to rock mullets and everything in between, it was a big period for big locks.

And no-one in the Glory camp was more invested in the new wave than Tony Carbone.

33 times the midfielder pulled on the famous purple, while also fitting in a spell at Nottingham Forest and scoring the world’s first ever Golden Goal in the 1993 World Youth Championship.

But for many Glory fans of a certain vintage, it is as much the hair as Carbone’s on-field performances that lives on in the memory.

We’d love to get your recollections of him and also your thoughts on other classic Glory haircuts of yesteryear.

So if you were a fan of Eugene Dadi’s top-knot, James Robinson’s Mohawk or Vlad Berertovac’s curtains, let us know!

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