Retro Corner – Heart of the Matter


Where to start with this classic action shot from the archives?!

Let’s kick off with the bare facts: October 21st 2012 the date, nib Stadium the location, 2-0 to Glory the final scoreline.

But there’s so much more to consider here, from Melbourne Heart’s stunning kit (surely one of the classiest ever seen in the Hyundai A-League) to Travis Dodd seemingly having some sort of existentialist crisis moment at the end of the wall and a rare view of Josh Risdon’s forearms before they were totally consumed by ink.

Then there’s the next layer, which is the way this picture illustrates the rich tradition that exists of players representing both Glory and Heart/City.

By a strange quirk of historical fate, no fewer than four of the seven men clearly visible donned both the purple and the red-and-white during their careers.

So as we build up to the latest installment of what has developed into an entertaining rivalry with the A-League’s youngest club, how about a little competition?

If you can name the four players who represented both clubs and which of them scored in this game, we’ll dig out a prize that is in keeping with the traditions of Retro Corner.

(And yes, that does mean something along the lines of a picture of Branko Jelic fixing his front lawn retic, Adam Hughes roller-blading or Robbie Zabica flagging down a taxi on Murray Street).

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