Retro Corner – all the fun of the fair (and camels)


Pre-match and half-time entertainment can be a pretty divisive subject among football fans.

Some want SuperBowl-quality performances, some prefer a more local, homespun theme and then there’s a pretty substantial third group who don’t really give a monkey’s either way.

Over the years, Glory certainly haven’t been shy about experimenting with different acts and performers.

Indeed, during the club’s formative years, the around-game entertainment often claimed almost as much attention as the events that were played out on the field.

Steve Armstrong was a pre-match show in himself and that was on top of the various fire-eaters, stilt-walkers, jugglers, dance troupes, celebrity lookalikes and parachutists that graced the hallowed Perth Oval turf.

Of course, many such acts can still be found performing at nib Stadium as part of the club’s highly-rated current match day experience, so where exactly are we going with this?

Well, we’d like to get your favourite memories of Glory pre-match and half-time entertainment and if possible, the thinking behind holding the camel race captured in today’s picture from the 1997-98 season.

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