Retro Corner – A little winter warmer…


The postponement of tonight’s pre-season friendly left us feeling more than a little empty and blue here at Glory HQ.

So we decided to hit the archives in search of something that might just act as a comfort blanket on this bleak winter’s afternoon.

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, there is no shortage of gold just waiting to be discovered; it’s often just a case of having the strength to lift the plastic containers and force the lids off and the patience to sift through what’s inside.

And not having a dust allergy helps a bit as well.

So what have we unearthed this week?

Well, this little pearl of a picture dating back to the late 1990s.

Sometimes photos can be the greatest of conversation starters and this one certainly falls into that category.

We’re not exactly sure why Danny Milosevic has signed it, but we might ask the man himself about that at a later date.

And we’re also a bit puzzled as to why big, tough central defender Danny Hay appears to be making himself as small as possible in the wall!

Then, when you stop focusing upon the Glory players, you’re hit by the realisation that one of this country’s highest-profile football pundits barely seems to have an aged a day in the past 20-odd years.

But enough of our observations; it’s time to throw this one out to our wonderful fans and members because it’s your knowledge and recollections that make these retro pieces what they are.

So if you can name all the players featured, add some game details and personal context and maybe even spot yourself in the crowd, you’ll be in the running to win a prize that meets the standard of the other (literally) priceless items that have been up for grabs recently (so basically something pretty similar to the pictures of a youthful Basil Zempilas and Adrian ‘Barra’ Barich or Jamie Harnwell in the bath).

Plus the real prize which is, of course, the deep personal satisfaction of being our Retro Corner comp winner!

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