Raising the referees’ game

FFA has formed a Referees Technical Committee to help developing refereeing in this country.

As part of an overall strategic review of refereeing, Football Federation Australia has formed a National Referees Technical Committee (NRTC) to help steer the process of developing refereeing in this country.

The members of the committee have been invited to join based on their previous experience, knowledge, involvement in the game and potential to contribute.

Football has been revolutionised in Australia and referees have an important role to play in its success and keep up with its progress.

We are lucky that we have over 8000 referees from grassroots to the elite level and it-s important that we continue to recruit, retain and develop referees for all levels of the game.

Australian referees have a rich history of exceptional quality and great comradery both in Australia and internationally and we want to build on these solid foundations.

I am passionate about continually improving the standards of refereeing in this country, but I am not alone. There are thousands of volunteers, instructors, match assessors and referee committee members Australia wide that have the same refereeing passion. They do it not for the money, but because they want to.

The FFA have formed the NRTC to help us all achieve what every member of a refereeing association or branch in Australia strives to attain:

• Uniform interpretation of the laws of the game
• Enhance our top quality performing officials
• More Referees for all levels of the game
• Creating pathways to ensure the next generation of referees are identified and developed.

The NRTC-s first task is to create a national curriculum that will provide the ‘how to- for referees, to help consistency in all aspects of our game including assessing and teaching. That will take about 12- 18 months. In the meantime the committee will continue to work on developing course material, recruitment of referees and developing talented officials to top class international referees by using the abundance of refereeing experience in our great game.

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