Purple passion, purple bra for Tony Sage


Glory owner Tony Sage has joined the fight against breast cancer through his support and participation in the annual Purple Bra Day.

The annual fundraiser, organised by Breast Cancer Care WA, involves supporters of the charity to don a purple-bra  to raise awareness and funds for Western Australians affected by the disease.

The cause is one that is very personal for Sage; his mother passed away from cancer when he was still in his early 20’s.

“My mother died very young at 56 from cancer,” he revealed.

“I’ve got two daughters, one’s 21 and one’s 18, and obviously a wife, so it’s something that could reoccur in our family,” Sage added.

Breast Cancer Care WA has created initiatives such as Purple Bra Day to help provide personalised emotional, practical and financial support to those affected by breast cancer, something Sage is determined to help with.

“It’s terrible any sort of cancer,” he said.

“So just getting the message out there that we need help, everyone needs help, not only for the victims themselves, but for the support group that needs to be supported around that,” he said.

Despite arriving a mere six hours after touching down from Las Vegas to help promote the fundraiser, Sage was adamant the journey and wearing of the purple bra were small sacrifices to make for such a worthy event.

“I’ve been on a 25 hour journey to get here this morning,” Sage remarked.

“It’s a very important cause,” he added.

Purple Bra Day takes place on Friday the 17th of June.

Several Perth Glory stars from the men’s and women’s team will be rattling tins in the city (details to come) to help raise funds for the chairty.

If you’d like to get involved go to  http://www.purplebraday.com.au/.