Making A Difference


15-year-old Will may just have had a bigger smile on his face than anyone else during Glory’s Christmas visit to Perth Children’s Hospital on Monday.

His mother contacted the club to explain why and her email struck such a chord that (with her full consent) we’d like to share it in its entirety…

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to the players and staff that visited Perth Children’s Hospital today.

“My son William is on ward 5A. 

“Will is 15 years old and is a football addict! He has played since he was 8 for his local club and in the NPL from the U12’s until last season, the U15’s. Will is a brilliant striker and was the top scorer in the state a few seasons back, it is his passion. 

“Will has ADHD with an associated tic disorder, he also has anxiety and has recently been diagnosed with depression, possibly as a result of what he has been through.  He has been subjected to bullying throughout his childhood (the tics make him an easy target).

“Will phoned me this afternoon saying that the most amazing thing had happened! Chris Harold and Alex Grant came onto the ward and chatted with Will (they are sure to remember him!) They gave him a signed ball and then a shirt which a lovely lady went to get the GK to sign for him! Later he played FIFA with Neil Kilkenny who used to play for Preston NE, this is where his Grandad lives and is a season ticket holder, it totally made Will’s day.

“It is so very difficult having our youngest child in hospital and to get a call from him today when he was so happy, excited and grateful totally made mine and Gary’s day. 

“Today made our family so happy. 

“Thanks again to everyone involved yesterday you have made this difficult time so much better.”