Liam lifts the lid – how the Reddy clan is tackling the challenges of self-isolation


With three energetic young boys in the house, self-isolation was always going to be a challenge for the Reddy clan.

But it sounds as if Liam, wife Christie and the lads are going ok (other than being bitterly disappointed by the latest developments in MAFS…!).

PGFC Online: Ok Liam, can you paint us a picture of a standard day of self-isolation in the Reddy household?

Liam Reddy: There’s a lot going on.

Up nice and early, for no reason in particular other than that the kids like to wake up early!

The kids do a little bit of home-schooling which they like to punch out nice and early and then I’ll usually go to the park next door to our house and do a bit of soccer with the boys.

They’ve been keeping busy with doing some ball stuff, which they’re enjoying.


The club obviously sent all the players a home training program that we’re all conducting, so that’ll pretty much get me through until lunch.

In the afternoon I’ll do a weights or cardio session and sometimes the boys join in and sometimes they don’t.

Then it’s a little bit more home-schooling for them, but that’s been made extra hard in the last week-and-a-half because, thanks to the NBN and Optus, the internet’s been down.

PGFC Online: What about your specific goalkeeping training? Have you been able to replicate that at all?

Liam Reddy: It’s a little bit hard, but I’ve got a rebounder at home and there’s a nice brick wall in the park which I can do a bit of work on.

It’s a bit tricky not being able to train with others and my boys aren’t too keen to do any goalkeeping stuff, so I find myself doing a little bit more field stuff.

But it’s all good. It’s just about staying mobile and active and positive during this difficult period.

PGFC Online: With everyone spending a lot of time at home, how have you been going in terms of your TV viewing?

Liam Reddy: Well, we’ve had no access to Netflix which has been a disaster and MAFS is just about to finish, but that’s gone to s**t really.

Other than that, you realise just how much you miss sport in general.

I’m a big NBA, NRL and AFL fan and we’re a really big sporting family, so we’re really missing that live sport.

PGFC Online: On a personal note, how do you feel about being stranded on 299 Hyundai A-League games? 

Liam Reddy: I’m looking at the positive which is that the media team at Glory have got a long time to build up towards the big 300!

We just don’t know when it’s going to be!

But at least we’ll be back playing and hopefully we’ll have fans there which will make it even more special.

PGFC Online: And finally, do you have a message for the Glory members and fans?

Liam Reddy: Obviously it’s a difficult time. Try and stay self-isolated, wash your hands and do all the right things.

If everyone does the right thing ,the quicker people will get back to work and living our normal lives.

And as players, that means getting to play in front of our loyal members and fans once again.