Hospital visit leaves lasting impression


The sombre, reflective silence that prevailed among the six Glory players in the mini-bus throughout the journey back to the hotel spoke volumes about what had gone before.

It is impossible not to be moved by the paediatric oncology ward at Di Dalam Kawasan Hospital in Kuching, where hope, bravery and tragedy combine to create an emotional climate that can be, and often is, overwhelming.

In addition to the deep sadness at seeing such tiny children battling such a destructive illness, those visiting the patients also inevitably feel a sense of guilt.

Guilt at the fortune of their own good health and perhaps also at the perception that they are intruding rather than actually helping in any meaningful way.

It is not an easy feeling to shake off, although the visit was planned in conjunction with hospital officials who insisted that greater awareness of the incredible work that they do at Di Dalam Kawasan is essential in order to secure the additional funding that they so desperately need in order to continue that work.

Hospital visit - sign


And so Alex Grant, Tomislav Mrcela, Jason Davidson, Jake Brimmer, Luca Bodnar and Zayd Farah, along with a number of the playing and coaching staff from Sarawak FA, headed along to distribute ‘Gloria the Kangaroo’ soft toys to the patients who are either currently receiving chemotherapy or will be doing so in the near future.

Happily, with the help of the wonderfully dedicated staff, most will survive and go into full remission.

But what rendered today’s visit so heart-rending is the fact that, tragically, some will not.

For more information about the hospital and to find out how you can help, click HERE.

And below, there’s a chance to watch Club Advisor Tony Hughes delivering a thank-you speech on Glory’s behalf to the hospital staff at the end of the visit.