Glory Quiz – The Defenders


We all know that they love to complain about not receiving enough attention, so we thought we’d give the defenders their very own dedicated Glory Quiz this week.

The answers and ratings can be found after Question 10 – good luck!

1) Glory stalwart Dino Djulbic had a brief spell playing in which European country?

a) Holland b) Germany c) Belgium

2) How many Hyundai A-League appearances has Alex Grant made for Glory?

Western United v Glory - Alex Grant in full flow

a) 42 b) 52 c) 82

3) Long-serving Glory defender Kim Carroll previously played over 100 Westfield W-League games for which club?

a) Newcastle Jets b) Canberra United c) Brisbane Roar

4) Lucian Goian, who played for the club in the 2016/17 season, was capped by which country at Under-21 level?

a) Romania b) Czech Republic c) Hungary

5) How many Westfield W-League goals has Glory skipper Natasha Rigby scored for the club?

W-League - Glory v Newcastle - Natasha Rigby on the ball

a) 4 b) 2 c) 0

6) In addition to Glory, Jade North helped which other club win the NSL Championship?

a) Melbourne Knights b) Sydney Olympic c) Wollongong Wolves

7) Which defender won the 2009-10 Most Glorious Player Award?

a) Andy Todd b) Scott Neville c) Dino Djulbic

8) Ex-Glory favourite Josh Risdon made his Socceroos debut against which country in November 2015?

Josh Risdon for Glory v Melbourne City in 2017

a) Kuwait b) Cambodia c) Bangladesh

9) David Tarka left Glory to join which English club in 2003?

a) Notts County b) Nottingham Forest c) Norwich City

10) Former Glory defender Jason Davidson is now playing for which Korean club?

Jason Davidson goes close v Phoenix

a) Ulsan Hyundai b) Pohang Steelers c) FC Seoul




 1) b, 2) c, 3) c, 4) a, 5) c, 6) b, 7) a, 8) c, 9) b, 10) a


0-4 – no marking, no tackling, you’ve missed your headers, not tracked your runner… a dismal display!

5-7 – much better! A solid, all-round performance – well done!

8-10 – You’re right up there with Paolo Maldini and Virgil van Dijk! Combining stonewall defending with elegance and quality distribution, we are absolutely loving your work!