Glory Quiz – The Characters


The Glory squad has certainly contained its fair share of characters over the years.

From the colourful to the controversial and everything in between, the famous purple has been worn by plenty of those with a streak of eccentricity running through their veins.

Quite a large streak, in some cases!

So here are ten questions about some of these guys, with the answers and ratings located in the usual spot, below Question 10.

Good luck!

1) Between his two spells with Glory, Vas Kalogeracos spent a season with which English club?

a) Southend United b) Stoke City c) Stockport County

2) Before becoming a professional footballer, ex-Glory midfielder Amaral worked as what in his native Brazil?


a) A bus driver b) A security guard c) A grave digger

3) Ljubo Milicevic scored for Glory in which NSL Grand Final?

a) 2000 b) 2003 c) 2004

4) Where was former Glory defender Marc Warren born?

Marc Warren and fans

a) Sunderland b) Sutherland c) Midtjylland

5) Ex-Glory midfielder Milan Smiljanic won six senior caps for which country?

a) Serbia b) Slovenia c) Slovakia

6) After parting company with Glory in 2011, Naum Sekulovski spent a season playing in which country?

Naum Sekulovski v Gold Coast United

a) China b) Indonesia c) Japan

7) How many A-League games did William Gallas start for Glory during the 2013-14 season?

a) 24 b) 20 c) 14

8) Which ex-Glory goalkeeper finished each and every training sessions by practising scissor-kicks?

a) Danny Vukovic b) Ante Covic c) Frank Juric

9) What was the name of the fashion label launched by former Glory striker Eugene Dadi?

Eugene Dadi celebrates

a) BUGE b) UGE c) HUGE

10) Victor Sikora won two Dutch Eredivisie titles with which club?

a) Feyenoord b) PSV Eindhoven c) Ajax



1) c, 2) a, 3) c, 4) b, 5) a, 6) b, 7) c, 8) a, 9) b, 10) c


0-3 – Really?

Can you imagine how angry Danny Vukovic would be if he saw this score?! 

4-7 – That’s more like it! You’d get a nod of acknowledgement from Ljubo and a matey thumbs-up from Amaral.

8-10 – Magnificent! We’ll see if we can get Naum, Victor, William and Eugene together to give you the kind of party celebration you deserve!