FFA Cup Quiz Time!


The FFA Cup has provided plenty of memorable moments for clubs around Australia since its inception in 2014, with Glory certainly enjoying their fair share.

From penalty shootout wins at Dorrien Gardens, to Nebo Marinkovic’s delightful double against Bentleigh Greens back in 2014, the club has definitely made its mark.

But rather than simply list all of these magic of the cup moments, we thought we’d test the depth of your FFA Cup knowledge with a good old fashioned quiz!

(answers can be found at the end of the quiz… but no cheating!)

1. Who scored Glory’s first-ever FFA Cup goal?



2. Who has made the most appearances for Glory in the FFA Cup?

Andy Keogh celebrates v Jets in 2014 FFA Cup


3. Who has scored the most FFA Cup goals for Glory?

Glory celebrate v Jets in 2015 FFA Cup


4. Who played in goal for Glory during the Quarter-Final shootout victory over WSW in 2016?

Glory celebrate FFA Cup win over WSW


5. How many times has Glory made it to the FFA Cup Final?

Team in FFA Cup kits

6. How many nationalities have represented Glory in the FFA Cup?



7. Who has the most clean sheets for Glory in the FFA Cup?



8. How many players have made an appearance for Glory in the FFA Cup?


9.  Who did Glory defeat to secure their place in the 2014 FFA Cup Final?


10. What is the club’s biggest winning margin in the competition and who was that scoreline record against?

Castro FFA Cup


Our 2019 FFA Cup journey begins on the 7th of August against Western Sydney Wanderers at Dorrien Gardens, so be sure to secure your tickets HERE.

Answers: Answers: 1. Andy Keogh, 2. Dino Djulbic (13 appearances), 3. Nebo Marinkovic (7 goals), 4. Ante Covic, 5. Twice (2014, 2015), 6. Nine (Australian, Brazilian, Curacaoan, Dutch, English, Hungarian, Irish, Serbian and Spanish)., 7. Danny Vukovic (2), 8. 48, 9. Bentleigh Greens, 10. 4-1 against St Albans.