Ferguson hails fantastic win


Perth Glory coach Ian Ferguson says his team could’ve scored six or seven goals against Adelaide United.

Perth Glory coach Ian Ferguson says his team could-ve scored six or seven goals against Adelaide United.

Pleased with his squad-s 1-nil victory against one of the championship favourites, the coach and captain also praised a special defensive effort by Todd Howarth, who threw himself at a goal bound shot.

Here are the post-match declarations.


“It’s fantastic compared to where we’ve been a few months ago.

“It was important that we got a good start and the momentum these boys have built up during pre-season has been fantastic.”

“It’s really been a joy to work with them and the effort and commitment that they put in today was outstanding.

“I thought everybody worked their socks off and they put in a real true performance showing that that’s what we want from the players, that’s what we expect from the players.

“There was some nervous minutes, but you know, as you analyse the game, we could easily have scored six or seven goals today, and the game could have been finished a long time ago.”


“(If) it’s 0-0 when you’ve created so many (chances), you think it might come back and bite you, ’cause you haven’t finished it,” Burns said.

“But you’ve got to have the belief and we kind of stuck to that today.

“I think seeing Toddy Howarth there clear that ball off the line just shows you that that turns the game down the other end for us.

“We created that many chances up front but if you haven’t got someone doing that on the line for you or someone making the tackles, then you cop one.”