Fan Questions

Perth Glory Fan Q&A


Why should fans turn up to another fan forum when the outcomes of the last forums in prior 2 years were not actioned; WA players, youth, better involvement. David Meacock

“In terms of West Australian players we currently have 9 in our squad and 8 are aged 22 or under.”

Ian Ferguson, Perth Glory coach

Why were the findings of the Charlesworth/Hatt report not actioned? Poor coach/player performance is not acted upon, the club continues to recruit players towards the end of their career, and there continues to be a gap between youth and senior teams. David Meacock

“Michael Thwaite is the oldest player we signed this season, he is 29 years old. Outside of Thwaite, Cordoba is (28), Ward (27), Jamieson (24), Zahra (22), Clisby (20), Nagai (20) and Harold (20) plus promoted Quaqua (20) and Roux (20).”

Ian Ferguson, Perth Glory coach

When the team resorts to the long ball is this a tactic you encourage or are the players using their “initiative”? Vince Butler

“That is never a part of my philosophy and I have never told a player to deliberately play the ball long.”

Ian Ferguson, Perth Glory coach

Why do the players prefer to pass when in the opposition-s final quarter? Vince Butler

“It is something we have been working on and I just feel in the last 6 or 7 weeks our final third has been disappointing. We always encourage them to play quickly and to shoot but yes, recently it has been frustrating.”

Ian Ferguson, Perth Glory coach

Have you instructed only certain players to shoot at goal? Vince Butler

“I think with the quality of players we do have, they should shoot more but I definitely don-t tell any player not to shoot. The only time I don-t really encourage shooting is from 30-40 yards out but when they are only 18 yards out, I want them to shoot and do encourage them.

Ian Ferguson, Perth Glory coach

Why play wingers if all they do is cross a high ball to a lonely forward, who generally gets beaten by the keeper and defence? Vince Butler

Again, very frustrating and a good point. We play wingers for a reason, because I like to get behind the opposition but our quality has to be good. The cross needs to hit a target, not be too heavy, or over the bar.

Ian Ferguson, Perth Glory coach

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