Dino’s always up for a cup


Today is International Coffee Day.

No, really, it is.

So what better way to mark it than to catch up with Glory’s own Macchiato Master, Dino Djulbic?

As uncompromising in his coffee consumption as he is when it comes to 50-50 challenges, Dino revealed that his taste for the brown bean was originally cultivated in Australia’s coffee heartland, Melbourne.

“I really got into my coffee when I was at South Melbourne in 2005,” he said. “I wasn’t working outside football, I was just playing, so I had plenty of spare time to experience the cafe scene there.

“I’m fussy about my coffee here in Australia, but I’ve also played in some Asian countries where you don’t get to choose what you’d like, so I’ve just had to drink whatever was available. Desperate times, desperate measures!

“In terms of what I prefer, it’s either a long macchiato or a double-shot espresso. I have a Nespresso at home and a normal machine as well and it just depends how much of a rush I’m in as to which one I end up using.”

So has the popular defender ever considered turning his passion into a business?

“Before I opened my building company, Trio Homes,” he said, “I did think about maybe opening my own coffee shop.

“Maybe it was for the best that I didn’t, though, as I probably would have just drunk all the profits anyway! I think a better idea would be for a coffee company to offer me a lucrative personal sponsorship deal, but I’m still waiting for that to happen.”

Unfortunately for Djulbic, he hasn’t been able to enjoy a coffee at Glory HQ in recent weeks due to ongoing issues with the machine in the players’ kitchen. And his patience is wearing thin.

“I was there the other day, pressing every button to try and get it going,” he said. “I nearly took it apart myself! Everything seems to be plugged in and working, but no coffee comes out.

“Waiting for the new season to come around is tough, but waiting for the coffee machine to start working is almost as bad!”