A message from Glory Owner and Chairman Tony Sage


A message from Glory Chairman and Owner, Tony Sage:

“Dear Perth Glory Members, Sponsors and Fans,

I’m writing this from from Zurich where it’s only 2 degrees…

I cannot believe the rhetoric that has been caused by me advising the players and staff only about a potential deal.

These are the facts below:

No deal has been executed by PGFC with the London Football Exchange.

I only told the staff and players because I did not want them to stress as I was boarding a flight that night and because once lawyers and experts get involved, things may have leaked out. The players are heading to Tokyo and would have read social media about their club being sold.
I stressed at the meeting with the staff and players that I am going to London to talk about their offer and how it all works.

Nothing changes on a day to day basis. l stay on as Chairman and in control of the club for the next 3 years. All the staff will also be staying.

Any new concept that people don’t get, we are all sceptical about, myself included, hence my trip to London for 3 days to check them out.
Remember Mark Zuckerberg was also laughed at and ridiculed when Facebook started. The whole blockchain crypto world was supposed to be dead 6 years ago, but it thrives. I don’t get it myself, but it does seem to work.
LFE ‘s concept is brilliant but will it work?
I don’t know and that’s why I am spending 3 days with their team in London with independent experts.

If, after this due diligence process, the final deal in London is not good for PGFC, of course PGFC won’t sign up.

If PGFC do sign up NOTHING changes at Perth Glory other than with extra funding, we will be able to compete with the bigger clubs in Australia and Asia.

Finally, don’t believe fake news.
Your club has not been sold and I have not even sent anything to Football Federation Australia (FFA) for approval.
Once I am comfortable I will.
FFA are aware of my discussions, however.
You will be the first to know on this platform.
Huge good luck to Poppa and the boys in Tokyo!
I hope you’re all watching at 6pm on FOX 505 on Tuesday.