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Oct 04, 2016   |  3:54AM AET

Why Yoshi is important for football

Why Yoshi is important for football

Any Hyundai A-League fan that logged onto their social media channels this Tuesday morning is probably thinking young football fan Yoshi is probably the luckiest kid in Australia.

The 10-year-old football-mad junior has visited all 10 Hyundai A-League clubs across Australia, seeing what makes each of them unique – from their colours to their fans, their history to their current squad and many more factors.

The Jets took him high into the sky in a military jet, Melbourne City gave him a tour of their training ground and Glory took Yoshi to the coast for a game of beach football, fish and chips and of course, our trademark West Australian sunset.

Once you watch all 10 videos, you’ll see that Yoshi truly is the luckiest kid in Australia – but it’s not for no reason.

Yoshi Glory

Yoshi represents something much larger than himself – there are currently 2.08 million football fans in Australia without a Hyundai A-League team to support. Closer to home, West Australia has approximately 42,000 registered footballers – almost enough to fill nib Stadium two times over. The mandate is there – Yoshi is a call to action for all football fans to back their local Hyundai A-League team.

He also gives each club the chance to showcase what makes them unique. For instance, Yoshi picked out three unique features of Perth Glory right now; our West Australian pride, our 14 home-grown West Australian players and of course, our rich history as the oldest club in the Hyundai A-League. For the neutral football supporter, Glory now has a unique identity against the other clubs in the league.


On top of it all, bringing young fans like Yoshi improves the sport immensely. It boosts the strength of our Socceroos, increases the support of all clubs across Australia and helps football soar into the mainstream of Australian sport.

The campaign doesn’t just involve us – it involves you too! As a united football family, it’s up to us to encourage all the ‘Yoshis’ of West Australia to support Perth Glory and the Hyundai A-League, to see football reach new heights in Season 2016/17.

Post, tweet and ‘gram your messages to the Yoshis of Australia on why they should pick Perth Glory as their Hyundai A-League team this season. Remember to use the hashtag #YoshiIsOurs too!

In the Hyundai A-League, you gotta have a team.
(and the best one is Perth Glory!)