Perth Glory would like to thanks the many members and supporters that have submitted applications to become representatives on “Perth Glory Supporters’ Consultative Committee”.

Perth Glory would like to thanks the many members and supporters that have submitted applications to become representatives on “Perth Glory Supporters’ Consultative Committee”.

The Club announced earlier this month its intention to establish a new members and supporter consultation group to provide its fans with the opportunity to help shape the Club-s future through ongoing constructive dialogue with senior club officials.


Following this announcement the Club has received over 70 applications from individuals seeking to represent the many interests of members and fans across the broad spectrum of Perth Glory-s supporter base.

Applications have been received from existing premium and general admission members, fans based in metropolitan Perth and the surrounding areas, local fans and supporters groups, our corporate partners, families, disabled fans, and supporters aged under 18 and over 60.

A short-list of 12 of the applicants will now be finalised by the end of this week by executive management of the Club, with six of those applicants to be elected by members and fans in April 2014.

The elected representatives along with the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Communications, a Club Advisory Board Member and two other members of the senior executive staff will form the initial members of the committee.

“The feedback we have received from our members and fans on the proposed consultative committee has been very positive.” Perth Glory Chief Executive Officer, Jason Brewer said.

“The response by our supporters in applying to represent fans and members on the Perth Glory Supporters’ Consultative Committee has been pleasing. We have reviewed the applications and have compiled a short-list of the applicants that we will be asking our supporters to now elect as representatives on the committee to represent them.”

“We want the Perth Glory Supporters’ Consultative Committee to enhance the relationship between Perth Glory and our members and supporters. It is critical that as custodians of the Club we give its members and supporters the opportunity to play a key role in helping us achieve success on and off the pitch” Mr Brewer added.

The Perth Glory Supporters’ Consultative Committee will meet a minimum four times a year at the Club-s offices. Appointed representatives will need to commit up to approximately four hours per month and will have a clear mandate to work with the executive management of the Club and specifically discuss the issues that are most considered to affect them and the members and supporters they represent.

These are considered to be:
1. Club memberships and ticketing
2. Match day experience
3. Community programs
4. Club merchandise
5. Corporate sponsorship
6. Media and communications

The first meeting is proposed to be held on Wednesday 30 April 2014 at 6.30pm.

Members and fans appointed to the committee will be required to attend and participate in each meeting, actively participate in the discussions around the key areas above and further assist in the communication of the committee-s and Club-s actions to the fans and members they represent.

Minutes of these meetings will be published on the Club-s website for all our members and fans to have available.

Supporters can still nominate themselves for the supporters committee by sending your details to admin@perthglory.com.au by no later than 5.00pm Friday 28th March 2014.