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Nov 28, 2017   |  2:57AM AET

Retro Corner: A puzzle among the palm trees

Retro Corner: A puzzle among the palm trees

Yes the palm trees provide a lovely backdrop and the giant ketchup bottles are borderline iconic, but otherwise, Central Coast Stadium is not a venue that those of a purple persuasion tend to have a lot of affection for.

With the notable exception of the penalty shoot-out triumph that booked us our place in the 2012 Hyundai A-League Grand Final, trips to Gosford have generally left Glory frustrated and more often than not, pointless.

Kenny Lowe’s side will be determined buck that trend on Sunday when they head east once again and in the meantime, given that we don’t have much material to work with in terms of golden Gosford memories, how about a history mystery question instead?

Without resorting to the internet (and we’ll know if you do…), can you name all the players in this picture, including those whose faces are obscured?

A clue or two?


September 2007 was the date and one of the players involved is not quite as clean-shaven these days.

And in terms of a prize for the first correct answer, we’ll search out something that meets the high standards that we always have for these comps.

So it’ll be along the lines of a picture of Howard Fondyke on a unicycle, Gavin Wilkinson and Scott Miller playing Connect 4, or Evan Berger doing Bikram yoga in a pair of high-cut athletics shorts.

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