Published August 24, 2021 at 07:16:30

Glory legend Mich D’Avray kicks off Project 25!

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To help mark the club’s 25th anniversary, we’ve launched Project 25, a series of doco-style, in-depth video interviews featuring 25 people who have played and in many cases, continue to play, a highly-influential role in shaping the club we know and love today.

From players and coaches to long-standing Members, journalists, photographers and owners, we’ll be celebrating the club’s illustrious history through their fascinating and very personal Glory stories.

And if podcasts are your thing, we’ve got you covered as the audio from each of the video interviews will be used to form episodes of our official club podcast, Inside Glory.

So who better to launch this exciting new series than the most successful coach in the club’s history?

It is always an absolute privilege to sit down and talk football with Mich D’Avray and this interview was no exception – we hope you enjoy it…

Click HERE to listen to the interview via the Inside Glory Podcast.