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Jul 13, 2021   |  4:59AM AET

Kits, Kabwata and Community – how Glory is helping make a difference in Zambia

Kits, Kabwata and Community – how Glory is helping make a difference in Zambia

Kabwata Dynamos may not be a club that most Glory Members and fans are aware of, but the kit that they play in is definitely familiar.

Zambia kits pic 2 - team group

That’s because thanks to the combined efforts of local organiser Josam Muwowo and long-serving Glory Logistics and Equipment Manager Brett Lambert, PGFC strips are being given a second lease of life by the Zambian Division One side.

So how did this trans-global relationship originate back in 2017 and how is it continuing to benefit both Kabwata Dynamos and the club’s local community?

Josam takes up the story:

“I would start by saying I knew Brett [Lambert] in 2017 through Robbie Dunn who was at that time my head coach at Dianella White Eagles.

“I explained to Rob Dunn my ambitions on how I wanted to bring change in many communities in Zambia and the whole of Africa through sports and recreation.

“This idea of me starting to organize donations from well-wishers in the form of soccer gear and other sports equipment came from the challenges I saw and experienced back home in my country.

“I looked at the faster growing rate of challenging issues in our communities that young people encounter at an early stage, such as indulging in drugs, crimes, trauma from sexual abuse, activities leading to HIV and AIDS, early pregnancies, dropping out of school due to financial difficulties, trauma from domestic violence, homelessness etc.

“This prompted me to go for this initiative of trying to see how I could help to act in harm minimization. 

“I have been doing this for a long time and it all comes from my heart trying to help communities in Zambia and in Africa at large.

“Myself and Brett have been supporting this initiative mainly for the team from my community, Kabwata Dynamos Football Club, which is currently playing at a decent level.

“Perth Glory has been supporting this team since 2017 when they were in the Amateurs and we then got promoted to Division Two in 2018 and Division One in 2019 respectively.

Zambia kits pic 4 - player close up

“Currently, Glory still supports the program and the team now participates in the Football Association of Zambia Division One league.

“There have been massive improvement to the team thanks for the support from the Glory family. 

“I have been working on this project in various communities for more than 30 years now and this includes mentoring young people, coaching kids with soccer skills acquisition, educating them on good morals etc.

“Football in Zambia is very popular.

“It is the number one sport and Zambia is well known on the continent because of football, hence, every citizen in Zambia loves football.

“In terms of facilities, however, we encounter a lot of challenges and at lower levels, most teams play on the gravel grounds, including Kabwata Dynamos FC.

“The most important part of the project is to ensure that young people are kept busy which makes them stay away from those bad activities and also creates opportunities for them in education and scholarships through sports and to have a healthy and safe community environment.

“The plan for the future is to see how we can improve on the reduction or minimization of all those bad activities that young people indulge in within the communities.

“We’d like to improve the playing fields to better facilities and also purchase a bus for easy transportation for young people to games or other activities.

“I want to see the youths grow as responsible adults with zero tolerance to crimes, drugs and alcohol.

“One day, I want to see one or two players from Kabwata Dynamos FC playing in the A – League for Perth Glory and also, I want to see a youth exchange program with Perth Glory youth, where the Glory youth team travels to play in Zambia play against Kabwata Dynamos FC and experiences a different environment.”

For more information about Josam’s work and to find out how you can help, you can contact him directly via Facebook HERE

Zambia kits pic 3 - player heading